The Rustic rooms are located in an rustic and antique building outside of the main Hotel building, they have a terrace with garden view,  they do not have ocean view & no continental breakfast.

The fine print

The Hotel will be under construction from September 3rd to 25th, 2018, some noise is expected during the following hours: 9 am to 6 pm.

  • Continental Breakfast not included
  • Rate includes 2 guests, max occupancy 4.
  • Safe deposit box
  • Mini refrigerator
  • Two double beds
  • Air conditioning
  • Rates do not include 16% State tax and 3% Federal tax
  • Full prepayment  is required at arrival to hotel
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Product Description


By proceeding with the reservation, you accept and agree with Hotel Playa la Medialuna terms and conditions:

  • Cancellation and changes: to receive full refund and / or make dates changes in a reservation, written cancellation must reach hotel thirty days prior to arrival date in the Low season and sixty days prior to arrival in the High season. Changes will be done depending on the hotels availability and will not be accepted within the thirty days prior to arrival.
  • Penalty for late cancellation: two night’s payment. For reservations of seven days and more: 35% of deposit.
  • If guest cancels the stay at arrival date or while being at the hotel, one extra night of payment will be charged as penalty from the date of early departure.
  • “No Show”: The hotel will save the room for the guest only the first night of stay. If the guest does not arrive to the hotel on the arrival date the hotel will release the room the next day at 12 noon. The deposit for the reservation will not be not refundable.

At arrival to the hotel, the guests will make a check in a Visa or MasterCard credit card for the amount of $200 USD to guarantee the stay, additional services and damage in the room or common areas of the hotel. Without this voucher the guest will not be able to register to the hotel.

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